Shandong Chiyue Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech biochemical enterprise with castor oil as raw material. The company is located in Guyun Industrial Park, Shenxian County, Shandong Province, and is located in the Central Plains. It has a unique resource advantage and a good development environment.

The main products are sebacic acid 10000 tons, decanediamine 5000 tons, by-product glycerine 1200 tons, fatty acid 4700 tons, SEC octanol 8000 tons, various specifications of special petroleum resin 16000 tons, various electronic chemicals 1000 tons.

Our company has the right of self import and export. Since it was put into production, we have established stable business relations with the United States, Italy, Belgium, Japan, France and other countries and regions. Our products have a high market share in the international market. Based on the principle of "honest operation, mutual benefit and win-win", the company is committed to strengthening the expansion and cooperation based on the domestic market while stabilizing the foreign market.

Looking forward to the future, Chiyue company will take the opportunity of developing the biomass industry, integrate the regional advantage resources, and with the help of the technical force of colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, produce the products that customers most trust.